[Mann.co] Free Community Lottery #2 – Late Christmas Presents!

It is time for the second [Mann.co] Free Community Lottery! But ppsstt, don’t tell. It’s actually the eleventh lottery.

Once again, I’d like to thank the Donators who have donated so far! You’ve been all a big help, and I thank you for this. And before I continue, I want everyone (and really, everyone who wants to join the lottery) to read the following thread:

[Mann Co.] Valuable Lottery Information


[Mann Co.] Valuable Lottery Rules


And view the TF2Raffle link here:

Which shows the time left and how many people have joined so far.

These threads shares all the information and rules you need to know. It’s very important to read it all so hopefully your answers you might have will be answered. By reading above 2 threads, I can assume that you agree to it all when you sign up for this lottery. I’m doing this entirely for free, from both donations and my own backpack, so please; at least make some effort for it. Once you have read both, I’d now like to announce…..

[Mann.co] Free Community Lottery #2
Late Christmas……………. Combo Edition

You can join this lottery through:
[Steam Forums] – [Official TF2Lottery Forums]

Of course, we always start with the hats! Let’s show what you might be able to win, shall we?

That’s right, combo. There are 10 hats in the first row. See it? See it? Goody! Now let me quickly explain how it works. Let’s say you won the first hat in the first row. Then you’ll get the other hats below it. Won the second hat in the row? Then you also won the hats below it! And so on!… It’s.. that.. simple!

Vintage Weapons Anyone?

Now, in this lottery, I’m going to do it slightly differently.. See these vintage items?

Good, you (one lucky winner) can win them all. That’s right, all vintage items to 1 single person. So in the end, you might be able to win 48 vintage weapons. That should look good in your backpack!

Of course (as always) there’s more! Fancy in a duel?

10x dueling mini-games (worth 50 uses) will also be given to 1 single person. With these babies, you can get your dueling ranking up in no time. Hopefully, you shall win every single duel!

Of course, there’s more.. You thought it ended by now?

These are 2 decal tools, 2 name tags and 1 description tag. You can scratch that the items goes to multiple people, it’ll all go to 1 lucky winner. And yes, that might by you…

Of course we haven’t forgotten a few strange weapons either! What’s a lottery without some extra items?

That’s right, also to 1 single winner!

Last but not least

Guess? What? Yes! Also to 1 person!

In this lottery, you shall not win just 1 item! If you win, you shall win the combo!

How do you join? Well, that’s easy! The only thing that you have to post is your SteamREP information, with as example:

steamID: Skyrider
steamID32: STEAM_0:0:11715230
steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983696188
customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Skyrider
steamrepURL: http://www.steamrep.com/index.php?id=76561197983696188

That’s it!

You can gain the information by going to SteamREP, searching your own information and click the “copy info” at the right side of the page to paste it within the forum posts. But ONLY join in 1 FORUM. So don’t join on the steam forums & the TF2Lottery forums.

Good luck to you all.