Wall of Donations

Thanks to Geel9, TF2Lottery can now accept donations through an automated bot! Of which you can trade at any time. All donations will be made available for the lottery to use in the future of which of course will be free to join! I really appreciate all the donations folks, thanks in advance!

^ Click on it to go to the profile page to add it as a friend. Be sure that it says “online” though. The bot is launched from my own system so when my system is online, the bot is online.

If by any chance the bot refuses to trade, things broke down, trading someone else or the bot is offline. You are welcome to add me (Skyrider)

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Next Lottery – Care to donate?

Howdy people.

It has been a while since my last lottery, and I was wondering if you guys could lend me a hand. While I do have some items to give away for the next lottery, I’m afraid this might just not be enough. So, I was hoping you guys could help out with a few donations.

Want to help out? Donating is easy! Just add this profile to your friend list:

steamID: TF2Lottery.com Donation bot
steamID32: STEAM_0:1:37221932
steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034709593
customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TF2Lottery
steamrepURL: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198034709593

The donation bot will automatically accept the friend request and trade you.

I truly hope people can help out to make the next (and always, free!) lottery.

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[Mann Co.] Free Lottery #4 – Received/Claim Item(s)

[ws_table id=”1″]
[ws_table id=”2″]

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[Mann Co.] Lottery #4 – Winners! How to claim your winning item.

Winner page: http://tf2r.com/kt6b6tn.html

The timer will hit 0 soon, so I’d like to thank you all for joining this free lottery. Over 566 people have joined with 754 invites being send out. This means 188 people never accepted their invite. I’ve made sure to update the website a bit (visual wise) before the lottery ended.. Hope you guys like it.

If you wish to receive your winning item, then read on!

I’ve changed the “claim” somewhat of your winning item and I’m scrapping the thread requirement. I’ll be adding you this time to give you your winning items. No need anymore to create a thread on the forums for a claim request. Bear in mind though that if you won an item and you broke the rules of the lottery, your winning item will be invalid.

Also, please don’t massively send out a friend request to me. The items are not located on my main (Skyrider) account. But expect a friend invite from me tomorrow and or the next few days. I’m mot on much today.

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[Mann Co.] Steam Group

~Forward to the group

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[Mann Co.] Free TF2 Lottery Donations

The TF2Lottery.com Donation Bot has been made possible by:

Thanks to Geel9, TF2Lottery can now accept donations through an automated bot! Of which you can trade at any time. All donations will be made available for the lottery to use in the future of which of course will be free to join! I really appreciate all the donations folks, thanks in advance!

Here is the bot information:

Steamprofile badge by Steamprofile.com

^ Click on it to go to the profile page to add it as a friend. Be sure that it says “online” though. The bot is launched from my own system so when my system is online, the bot is online. When it’s offline, try to donate at a later time.

If the bot is not available for trading then it means it’s trading someone else, I appreciate your patience!

-= I’m receiving “The trading session has expired”! from the bot!=-
It means that the API (steam side) is having issue. Try trading again later.

Best regards,

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[Mann Co.] Lottery Information & Rules

This page will show you the steps on the general rules and information about the lottery, including how to actually join one. It’s very important that you read everything if you are not familiar with this lottery and how it works.

[spoiler title=”STEP 1 – General Lottery Rules”]These are the general lottery rules, read them and please, be aware of them. These rules may change at any times, especially when some things has been forgotten to be added.

Participation in ONE forum only!
It’s important that you only join/participate the lottery in 1 forum and 1 forum only. Please don’t join through multiple forums as it makes my job harder. I’ll add a list of forums you can join in every single lottery I make within the main news.

Free to Play Users
I’m afraid I have to disappoint the Free to Player users for my lotteries. Only premium users are allowed to join. I’m sorry for this, but I prefer to play safe. Why don’t you become a premium? It’s cheap and Team Fortress 2 is well worth it.

SteamREP Tagged Users
For obvious reasons, all people who have been SteamREP tagged as a scammer will not be able to claim any item. However, those who have been tagged as caution will be reconsidered depending on how you gained it. Your SteamREP history will be checked as well!

Playtime requirements
Everyone who wishes to join needs to have at least a play time of 100+ hours. I’m sure you can manage, right?

No duplicate accounts & No Cheaters!
I do not accept cheating in any kind of way. This includes people who use duplicate accounts, I don’t allow people who are banned on my server (Trade server) to join the lottery either.

Rejection of winning item within good reason
I (Skyrider) have the right to reject the winning prize to any winner when I have a good and valid reason for it. For example, when you have not followed the rules.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”STEP 2 – Joining an active lottery “]Joining a lottery is relatively easy. Usually I’ll be posting the lottery on multiple forums. Which forums you can participate the forums in will be mentioned on each lottery.

Once you have chosen one, (and only one!) please visit: http://steamrep.com/

Search for your own steam information. You’ll see “Profile Identifiers” somewhere in the middle. Click op “Copy Info” at the right:

Then paste the information in any of the active/open lottery threads on the forums I’m hosting the lottery on.

You may wonder why I ask for this and the answer is simple. I’d like to know who you are before I accept you in the lottery. The lottery is completely free so I don’t think you have much to worry about. Trust me, I’ll only use the info for the lottery purposes, nothing more.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”STEP 3 – The how, what, why, where and when.”]

-= What site will you use to pick the winners ??=-
TF2Lottery is making use of the raffle system of TF2Raffle.com. It’s recommended for you to login on the site first (by using steam login). Once you have done that and have joined an active lottery of TF2Lottery, you’ll (in time) will receive a private message which contains a private link (one time use only) in order for you to join the lottery.

-= Why am I not on the lottery list yet?=-
Be patient. I’m adding everyone on the list all by myself, and it takes time for me to invite everyone. Everyone who has joined will receive a private message which contains a link that you can use to join the lottery. It may take a few minutes, hours or perhaps a few days. But don’t worry, you’ll receive your link. It just needs some time.

-= How do I know if I’m invited? =-
That entirely depends on where you have joined the lottery. I’m posting the lottery on multiple forums, and you can apply on where I post them. So let’s say, if you decide to join through the Steam Forums, then you shall receive a private message on the steam forums, with below as an example:

The private message will contain the link you need in order to join the lottery.

Join through the official TF2Lottery forums? Then you’ll see something like this:

and this:

-= Have I been added to the lottery? I clicked my private link! =-
The private message I send you clearly states how exactly to join the lottery. But that’s very easy. Once you’ve joined however, you have to be sure that you are in the participation list. Go to the TF2R link I provided on each lottery and scroll down. You should see this:

Check if your name is on the participation list. Be sure to click on “ENTER” button once you clicked the private link I gave you.

-= Why do other people get invited faster?=-
That’s because of the limitation of the Steam Forums. I can only send 1 private message each minute every time, so it takes me 20 minutes just to send out 20 private messages to people containing a link. This is why people are being invited quicker on the official TF2Lottery forums because it has no limitation on how much Private Messages I can send.

-= When Will the Lottery End? =-
There are 2 ways how the lottery can end. The first one once the time hits 0 or when all the lottery participation slots has been filled. Seeing the participation slots never get’s filled entirely, it all depends on the timer. I usually set the timer to 2 weeks so I have all the time I need to add everyone on the lottery list. Want to know how much time there is left? And how many people have joined so far? Check out the TF2R link given out in every lottery.

-= How do I claim my winning item? =-

Won a lottery? Great! Now you can claim your item that you won! All Item Claims goes through here:

Claim your winning item!

But please, read this first:
How to claim a winning item!

It contains all the information you need to know on how to claim an item. I don’t wish to sound rude, but if you don’t fill in the information correctly, you might not be able to claim your winning item. It’s really important for people to read. You have 2 weeks in order to create a thread to claim your winning item. You are welcome to add / contact me regarding your item, as long you created a thread.

[spoiler title=”Participation postcount requirements! (important)”]I’d like to remind everyone that if you wish to participate outside the TF2Lottery official forums (such as the steam forums or FacePunch) that you need a certain post count. You need at least have a forum post count of 50. Those who don’t have enough posts on the steam or face punch forums are welcome to join through the TF2Lottery official forums.[/spoiler]

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[Mann Co.] Lottery #4 – It cost $400,000 to start this lottery…for 12 seconds

-= [ Some Info before the lottery ] =-

Thanks to Geel9 from TF2Scrap.com/, TF2Lottery can now accept donations through an automated bot! Of which you can trade at any time. All donations will be made available for the lottery to use in the future of which of course will be free to join! More information regarding this automated system here: http://tf2lottery.com/donations/

Before we start. I’d like to start with the rules and general information regarding this free lottery. A lot of people seem to ignore and or are confused about how the lottery actually works. As such, I’d like you all to read the following:

————> -= CLICK THIS AWESOME LINK!!!!! =- <------------

Remember the folks, the lottery is free. You have nothing to complain about. Those who do not read the rules properly (or the information for that matter) may have an effect on your participation. If things are unclear, please E-Mail me at [email protected]

Now, let’s begin.. Shall we?

[Mann Co.] Free Lottery #4 – It cost $400,000 to start this lottery…for 12 seconds

Like in all of my lotteries, there are a lot of items that can you can win. Some are single items and others are packages. Of which basically means, win 1 item and you’ll get bonus items! But only the ones that are listed in the lotteries.

This time, I’ve made it easier. I’ve listed the winning items as crates. If you win a specific crate number, you’ll win the rest of the items in the same row as well. It’s that easy! And I’m making this lottery a bit more fair towards multiple winners!

You can join this lottery through:
TF2Lottery -|- Steam Forums -|- FacePunch -|- TF2R Forums

The crates, time left, participation list, etc are listed on TF2R: http://tf2r.com/kt6b6tn.html

Now, let’s see the items!

[ws_table id=”1″]

Course that’s not all folks! As a bonus, here’s some more!

[ws_table id=”2″]

In total, there will be 12 winners. Keeping this lottery, plain and simple! Good luck to you all!

You can join this lottery through:
TF2Lottery -|- Steam Forums -|- FacePunch -|- TF2R Forums

^ But only join in one forum, not multiple! Regardless of your reason ^

The crates, time left, participation list, etc are listed on TF2R: http://tf2r.com/kt6b6tn.html

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[Mann Co.] Lottery #3 – Has Ended!

I’d like to thank everyone who has joined the lottery. In total 238 people have participated! Want to check if you have won something? Then check out the lottery page:


Is your name on the list? Then you are welcome to create a claim item thread. You can find the link above in the navbar named “Claim Item(s)”. Or by clicking the following URL:


[-= Make sure your topic contains the following information =-]

– The TF2R Lottery URL (example: http://tf2r.com/kia74sa.html)
– Your SteamREP Information
– The item you have won

That’s it! You are welcome to add me once you created a thread.

You have 1 week to claim your item! At least, create a thread about it!

—> Please remember that I have the right to reject your winning item under good reasons. Such as scam reasons, VAC banned, being F2P user, or if you are in the reject list, etc… Just by receiving an invite link and winning an item doesn’t mean you are able to claim an item if you are breaking the rules.

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[Mann Co.] Lottery #3 – Back for some more?

Hello everyone!

I’d like to welcome you all to the third lottery named Back for some more? First, I’d like to thank our 2 main sponsors:

Appreciate it if you could check them out.

ESForces (A Dragonball Z Modification for Half-Life 1 – trust me, the mod will exceed even Half-Life 2 mods) is our new hosting and GameServers (If you can check it out, that’ll be awesome!) is sponsoring our trading server. A custom trading map that SoulShard and I are working on constantly. If you have some time, go check it out! More information about the trading server can be Found Here

The server IP is: – But you can also connect to server.tf2lottery.com, same result as the IP.

Alrighty, before we start with the lottery.. I’d like you to read the following:

Valuable Lottery Rules


Valuable Lottery Information

These contains most of the information you need to know about the lottery. Please do not ignore it! You do want to join the lottery, right? Course you do. Ignoring it will effect your entrance request in this lottery. So, once you have read the rules, let’s get started!

A big thanks to: FunTom, Fixeet, Pocket, KRosen

For donating items to the lottery. Your help is much appreciated! Did I forgot to mention you? Let me know!

The first item we’ll have in the lottery will also be a high valued item. It’s been in the lottery before many times. It’s…

That’s right, earbuds! I specially got the earbuds to give away again in the end! (Aren’t I adorable?). But only 1 lucky person can win it. But as always in all my lotteries, it won’t just stop at 1 item. There are tons more of items that you might be able to win:

And as a bonus, I’ll add extra hats!

Completely free!

And noes! There’s more! (Course there is)

10 Duel mini-games! As a bonus, you’ll get 2 extra! For the price of nothing.

And for the last TF2 items that you can win….. *rumble*

^ Each row for 1 person!

But wait! There’s more! In this lottery you can also win something else besides Team Fortress 2 Items! Want to do something else instead rather than playing Team Fortress 2? You came to the right address:

Click on the images above to go to the store so you can view some in-game screenshot and video’s.

Bad Rats = Crate #7
Sanctum = Crate #8
RoboBlitz = Crate #9
Portal 2 = Crate #17

The TF2R item page of this lottery will contain crates. Seeing I cannot add giftable games at the moment on the TF2R website, I have added crates instead. The number above shows which crate number belongs to what game.

Are you READY? Are you READY to join this lottery?! Awesome!!

Click HERE on HOW to join the lottery this AMAZING lottery!

OR, CLICK HERE: (Both links are the same)

If you need help in any kind of way, you are welcome to email me at [email protected]

Finally, I’d like to say that I am well aware of that some people don’t wish to join the lottery thinking that they won’t win anything at all. Let’s not forget people that this is a free lottery. So whenever you’ll win something or nothing at all, the only thing that it cost you is a little bit of your time and effort. It’s not like I’m asking for items.

Good luck to you all.

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