[Mann Co.] New pool in Stock Market v6

-= NEW POOL in Stock Market v6 =-

Stock Market v6 will have a completely new pool and is a medium sized map. This map isn’t just about a new “pool”, it’ll be part of a scavenger hunt in order to gain the number for a a multi-keypad lock!

It’s simple. 5 books are hidden in the Stock Market which only will be visible once you get near them. Here will be the “hints” of where you can find them all so you can find them a bit easier.

– Water
– Basement
– Elevator (S)
– Cabinet
– Arena

Destroy them all, and you’ll gain access to the pool. A portal will open somewhere on the stock market, go find it boys. BUT THAT’S NOT IT!

10 books also exists within the pool to open another secret area… go find them!