[Mann Co.] Free TF2 Lottery Donations

The TF2Lottery.com Donation Bot has been made possible by:

Thanks to Geel9, TF2Lottery can now accept donations through an automated bot! Of which you can trade at any time. All donations will be made available for the lottery to use in the future of which of course will be free to join! I really appreciate all the donations folks, thanks in advance!

Here is the bot information:

Steamprofile badge by Steamprofile.com

^ Click on it to go to the profile page to add it as a friend. Be sure that it says “online” though. The bot is launched from my own system so when my system is online, the bot is online. When it’s offline, try to donate at a later time.

If the bot is not available for trading then it means it’s trading someone else, I appreciate your patience!

-= I’m receiving “The trading session has expired”! from the bot!=-
It means that the API (steam side) is having issue. Try trading again later.

Best regards,