[Mann Co.] Lottery #4 – Winners! How to claim your winning item.

Winner page: http://tf2r.com/kt6b6tn.html

The timer will hit 0 soon, so I’d like to thank you all for joining this free lottery. Over 566 people have joined with 754 invites being send out. This means 188 people never accepted their invite. I’ve made sure to update the website a bit (visual wise) before the lottery ended.. Hope you guys like it.

If you wish to receive your winning item, then read on!

I’ve changed the “claim” somewhat of your winning item and I’m scrapping the thread requirement. I’ll be adding you this time to give you your winning items. No need anymore to create a thread on the forums for a claim request. Bear in mind though that if you won an item and you broke the rules of the lottery, your winning item will be invalid.

Also, please don’t massively send out a friend request to me. The items are not located on my main (Skyrider) account. But expect a friend invite from me tomorrow and or the next few days. I’m mot on much today.