[Mann Co.] General Lottery Rules

These are the general lottery rules, read them and please, be aware of them. These rules may change at any times, especially when some things has been forgotten to be added.

Participation in ONE site only!
It’s important that you only join/participate the lottery in 1 site and 1 site only. Please don’t join through multiple forums as it makes my job harder. I’ll add a list of forums you can join in every single lottery I make within the main news.

Free to Play Users
I’m afraid I have to disappoint the Free to Player users for my lotteries. Only premium users are allowed to join. I’m sorry for this, but I prefer to play safe. Why don’t you become a premium? It’s cheap and Team Fortress 2 is well worth it.

SteamREP Tagged Users
For obvious reasons, all people who have been SteamREP tagged as a scammer will not be able to claim any item. However, those who have been tagged as caution will be reconsidered depending on how you gained it. Your SteamREP history will be checked as well!

Playtime requirements
Everyone who wishes to join needs to have at least a play time of 100+ hours. I’m sure you can manage, right?

Steam Level requirements
You need to be at least level 6 in order to join this lottery.

No duplicate accounts & No Cheaters!
I do not accept cheating in any kind of way. This includes people who use alternative accounts, I don’t allow people who are banned on my server (Trade server) to join the lottery either.

Do know that I will double check all winners to see if they have truly won. Just because you might have received an invite key, doesn’t mean you can win the items. All people who have not set up their steam community profile page or are private are forbidden to join as well.