[Mann Co.] Lottery #3 – Has Ended!

I’d like to thank everyone who has joined the lottery. In total 238 people have participated! Want to check if you have won something? Then check out the lottery page:


Is your name on the list? Then you are welcome to create a claim item thread. You can find the link above in the navbar named “Claim Item(s)”. Or by clicking the following URL:


[-= Make sure your topic contains the following information =-]

– The TF2R Lottery URL (example: http://tf2r.com/kia74sa.html)
– Your SteamREP Information
– The item you have won

That’s it! You are welcome to add me once you created a thread.

You have 1 week to claim your item! At least, create a thread about it!

—> Please remember that I have the right to reject your winning item under good reasons. Such as scam reasons, VAC banned, being F2P user, or if you are in the reject list, etc… Just by receiving an invite link and winning an item doesn’t mean you are able to claim an item if you are breaking the rules.