[Mann Co] Trade Server Public Commands

These are the commands you can use within our trading servers. Type them in chat in order to use them:

Server Information Commands
!admins or /admins – Shows the list of all the admins.
!scrapbank or /scrapbank – Shows what exactly scrapbanking is and how to do it.

Player Commands
!jetpack or /jetpack – Shows you how to use the jetpack!
!monoculus or /monoculus – All the information about the monoculus. (the eye boss)
!adminrequest or /adminrequest – Want to be an admin?
!rtd – Roll the Dice. Can be used every 120 seconds. A surprise happens!

Special Map Feature Commands:
!raffle or /raffle – Shows information how the server raffle works and how to get there.
!secrets or /secrets – Shows the current map history information.
!history or /history – Shows the current map history information.

—> Some of these commands may not be working yet! So if it doesn’t work, it’s not added yet.