[Mann Co.] Trade Server Rules

It’s always important to follow the server rules. By not following the rules, you’ll have the chance
of being kicked and or banned from the server. Remember folks, this is a trade server, not some kind
of kill server unless told otherwise by the admin(s).

-=Blu Players=-
Blu players are usually admins which have the ability to join the BLU team. Do NOT kill them unless told
that killing is allowed! It’s a trade server, have some respect for each other. If you prefer to kill,
then it’s highly advised to join a kill/match server instead. This is not your place to be.

Have respect for each other. It’s obvious that you also wish to be respected. Any kind of person that
is aggressive towards on and other in any kind of way (insulting, voice chat, etc) will be removed
from the server.

-=Free 2 Play users=-
All F2P’rs are allowed to join the server UNTIL the server has more than 31 players. After that,
it’ll start kicking the F2P players until server has been filled with premium members. I’m sorry F2P
users, but the trade server is mostly / generally meant for premium members.

-=Don’t spam the chat=-
Please don’t spam up the chat with your trade requests. Don’t forget that others wish to trade as well.
Spamming up the chat may lead in to a warning or further action if you continue to do it.