[Mann Co.] Free Lottery #6 – She said yes!

Lottery is closed, thanks for joining! And those who haven’t joined, better luck next time

Few weeks ago, I’ve proposed to my girl and luckily she said yes! And long story short, I felt like I should start another free lottery. While I have a lot of items to give out for this lottery, I’ll be smallering down the winners into three. It doesn’t exactly make sense seeing a married couple usually exists out of 2 people. But heck, one extra winner! While there will be less winners this time, those winners will gain more items. I assume that’s a good thing, right? Either way, moving on!

First I’d like to thank GameServers for their big help with our Team Fortress 2 gaming server! Go ahead, go check them out. Click on the shiny logo or Click Here , don’t be shy. I promise it won’t bite, much. They are really an awesome game server provider and always has been very helpful. And hey, if you can. Rent a server with them! You won’t regret it. And while we are at the subject, go check out our Trade Server!, it’s hosted at You can also connect to it by typing connect server.tf2lottery.com in the console.

Press the TF2R button to go to the TF2R page of this lottery. It’ll show the time left, people joined, etc.

So, in this lottery.. What items can you win?

For the first winner:

For the second winner:

For the third winner:

Here’s how to join!

There are 3 ways (at the moment) to join the lottery.

First is through TF2Lottery.com:

Click on the golden ticket, fill in the info and submit! No worries, registering only takes a few seconds.

The other two ways are:

The first is the Steam Forums, Second through facepunch. Steam Forums & FacePunch has their own join rules of which you can see through the buttons above. Be sure to be familiar with the general forum rules

Click on the steam / tf2f / facepunch buttons (images) to join the lottery through a specific site/forum. Remember, ONLY join through 1 site! I’ll ignore your join request if I see your name / SteamID’s on multiple sites. Further than that.. Good luck!

Lottery is closed, thanks for joining! And those who haven’t joined, better luck next time