[Mann Co.] Lottery #3 on it’s way!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since the last lottery, and I’m here to tell you that soon there will be another Free Lottery!. Before we get started, I’d like to thank ESForces.com for providing me with a stable hosting. For those who are not familiar with ESForces, it stands for Earth’s Special Forces. It’s a Dragonball Z Half-Life 1 modification with quality you’ve never seen before in any kind of mod. It’s very worth checking it out.

I’d also like to thank GameServers.com for the Team Fortress 2 Trade Server we have! But I’ll get to that a bit later in the news report. If you are interested in a server for any kind of game, check out the link above! They are quite cheap.

Now if it’s alright with you, I’d like to discuss the future of the third [Mann Co.] Lottery with you.

Recently, I’ve been able to gather 13+ items (mostly hats) for the next lottery, but I have the feeling this might not be enough for the next lottery. I always fancy having the lottery rather big, so there are quite a lot of people at least winning something rather than going home empty handed.

Long story short, I need your help. In order to make the lottery quite large, I need your help in donations for the next lottery. But do understand that donating is not required just to get in the next lottery, as always it will be free. But the more people who are willing to donate the better it’ll be for the lottery and the more people will be able to win items.

Do you have any spare metal? Scrap, reclaimed or refined? Spare weapons or even hats that you no longer want? If you are willing to do so, please donate them to the next Free Community Lottery!

It’s very easy. All you have to do is to Register on the forums and create a thread in the Make a donation! section and you are good to go! be sure to read the “Donation Information” thread in the donation section so you are aware of what I am doing with the normal weapons being donated. You could always add me on my steam account as well for direct donation:

http://steamcommunity.com/id/Skyrider – Just be sure you are trading the real Skyrider.

If you wish, you could also donate through PayPal.

All paypal donations will always be used for the Lottery! For example, Earbuds will be bought with it.

I thank you in advance!

I’d also like to mention we have a new Trading Server!

For those who prefer not to remember any IP’s, you can connect to the server by connecting to server.tf2lottery.com. It’s always set to bring you to your Trade Server! It’s using a map that SoulShard & I have altered/created so it’s worth checking out!

Kind Regards,

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Hints & Secrets, you’ll need it to get further!

Welcome to the Hints page of the Stock Market. There has been a lot of changes since v5, and a lot of puzzle play for you. You can see it as a scavenger hunt. Now, below you’ll see all the hints you’ll need in order to open a special door set with 4 keypads. You have to search for the answer yourself all around the stock market.

Here they come!

-= Stock Market’s Pool =-

There are 5 books in total you have to destroy to open the pool in the Stock Market. You have to get near them in order to see them. You can’t see them from a distance. Here are the hints of where they are located:

– Near the Cabinet inside the RED spawn
– In the water, near the bridge
– In the basement where the crates are located.
– In the elevator shaft. You might need some kind of jetpack?
– The disco where you can party! Located on the second floor.

-= The Pool’s Waterfall Secret =-

Once you are in the new pool, you’ll see a pool.. right?.. good! There are 11 books within this pool for you to destroy. As above, you can only see them when you get near. Here are the hints in order to open up the secret waterfall.

– 1 Located when you look above you when you walk towards the pool. (above the floating water)
– 2 located within the pool, very easy to find.
– 1 located near the pool, near the glass in the middle.
– 1 on each side of the pool on the other side (break the glass first)
– 1 on each side above the “floating” water.
– 3 located at the top, find the teleport to get there in the corners.

Once you destroyed them all, the waterfall should appear. Shoot below the waterfall in the water to open a portal to the Teleportation Room also known as the Choose Wisely Room.

-= Choose Wisely Room =-

From here you have to choose numbers. Choose wrongly, and you’ll be teleported outside the room anywhere on the Stock Market. Choose the right one, and you’ll be teleported to the next room. Do them all correctly, and you’ll go to the Horseless Headless Horseman Boss Room.

-= 2 keypad combination in the HHH Room =-

Once you are getting further in this area, you’ll see 2 keypads near the big door. You’ll have to guess the key combination with these questions:

– The amount of Pillars in stock market (Respawn Room)
– The amount of boxes located in the basement
– The amount of total pillars in boss room
– The amount of help sentries created in Monoculus arena
– The correct combination in the Choose Wisely Room to get to the boss

But remember on the above last question. The first 3 numbers don’t count (1, 2, 3) and when you get above 10, the first digit doesn’t count either. So for example, if you get the correct answers 12, 13, 14 then the right combination is 234 (excluding the 1).

Both keypads are 6 key combination, so in total you need 12 numbers.

Good luck!

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[Mann Co.] Claim your winning item!

If you won something in the second lottery, make sure you read the following thread first:


Once you read all the info, create a new thread in the “Claim Item” section containing the information from the thread above..

Grats to all who has won!

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[Mann Co.] New pool in Stock Market v6

-= NEW POOL in Stock Market v6 =-

Stock Market v6 will have a completely new pool and is a medium sized map. This map isn’t just about a new “pool”, it’ll be part of a scavenger hunt in order to gain the number for a a multi-keypad lock!

It’s simple. 5 books are hidden in the Stock Market which only will be visible once you get near them. Here will be the “hints” of where you can find them all so you can find them a bit easier.

– Water
– Basement
– Elevator (S)
– Cabinet
– Arena

Destroy them all, and you’ll gain access to the pool. A portal will open somewhere on the stock market, go find it boys. BUT THAT’S NOT IT!

10 books also exists within the pool to open another secret area… go find them!

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[Mann.co] Free Community Lottery #2 – Late Christmas Presents!

It is time for the second [Mann.co] Free Community Lottery! But ppsstt, don’t tell. It’s actually the eleventh lottery.

Once again, I’d like to thank the Donators who have donated so far! You’ve been all a big help, and I thank you for this. And before I continue, I want everyone (and really, everyone who wants to join the lottery) to read the following thread:

[Mann Co.] Valuable Lottery Information


[Mann Co.] Valuable Lottery Rules


And view the TF2Raffle link here:

Which shows the time left and how many people have joined so far.

These threads shares all the information and rules you need to know. It’s very important to read it all so hopefully your answers you might have will be answered. By reading above 2 threads, I can assume that you agree to it all when you sign up for this lottery. I’m doing this entirely for free, from both donations and my own backpack, so please; at least make some effort for it. Once you have read both, I’d now like to announce…..

[Mann.co] Free Community Lottery #2
Late Christmas……………. Combo Edition

You can join this lottery through:
[Steam Forums] – [Official TF2Lottery Forums]

Of course, we always start with the hats! Let’s show what you might be able to win, shall we?

That’s right, combo. There are 10 hats in the first row. See it? See it? Goody! Now let me quickly explain how it works. Let’s say you won the first hat in the first row. Then you’ll get the other hats below it. Won the second hat in the row? Then you also won the hats below it! And so on!… It’s.. that.. simple!

Vintage Weapons Anyone?

Now, in this lottery, I’m going to do it slightly differently.. See these vintage items?

Good, you (one lucky winner) can win them all. That’s right, all vintage items to 1 single person. So in the end, you might be able to win 48 vintage weapons. That should look good in your backpack!

Of course (as always) there’s more! Fancy in a duel?

10x dueling mini-games (worth 50 uses) will also be given to 1 single person. With these babies, you can get your dueling ranking up in no time. Hopefully, you shall win every single duel!

Of course, there’s more.. You thought it ended by now?

These are 2 decal tools, 2 name tags and 1 description tag. You can scratch that the items goes to multiple people, it’ll all go to 1 lucky winner. And yes, that might by you…

Of course we haven’t forgotten a few strange weapons either! What’s a lottery without some extra items?

That’s right, also to 1 single winner!

Last but not least

Guess? What? Yes! Also to 1 person!

In this lottery, you shall not win just 1 item! If you win, you shall win the combo!

How do you join? Well, that’s easy! The only thing that you have to post is your SteamREP information, with as example:

steamID: Skyrider
steamID32: STEAM_0:0:11715230
steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983696188
customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Skyrider
steamrepURL: http://www.steamrep.com/index.php?id=76561197983696188

That’s it!

You can gain the information by going to SteamREP, searching your own information and click the “copy info” at the right side of the page to paste it within the forum posts. But ONLY join in 1 FORUM. So don’t join on the steam forums & the TF2Lottery forums.

Good luck to you all.

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[Mann Co] TF2 Item Spreadsheet

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[Mann Co.] Trade Server – Admin Applications

All Admin Applications / Request goes to the TF2Lottery Forums:


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[Mann Co] Trade Server Monoculus

Guess what? This Trade Server spawns the:

That’s right, the Monoculus! Also known as the Eye Boss. Added in the last TF2 Halloween update of 2011.

Each 12 minutes, the Monoculus will spawn alongside with it’s portal to get there. You might say, portal?

That portal. Once it spawns, go check the bridge outside of the Stock Market, but do it quickly!
But beware! The portal only stays open for a limited time. Once you’ve entered the portal, you’ll be
teleported to an arena. Specially made for the Monoculus.

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[Mann Co.] Trade Server Rules

It’s always important to follow the server rules. By not following the rules, you’ll have the chance
of being kicked and or banned from the server. Remember folks, this is a trade server, not some kind
of kill server unless told otherwise by the admin(s).

-=Blu Players=-
Blu players are usually admins which have the ability to join the BLU team. Do NOT kill them unless told
that killing is allowed! It’s a trade server, have some respect for each other. If you prefer to kill,
then it’s highly advised to join a kill/match server instead. This is not your place to be.

Have respect for each other. It’s obvious that you also wish to be respected. Any kind of person that
is aggressive towards on and other in any kind of way (insulting, voice chat, etc) will be removed
from the server.

-=Free 2 Play users=-
All F2P’rs are allowed to join the server UNTIL the server has more than 31 players. After that,
it’ll start kicking the F2P players until server has been filled with premium members. I’m sorry F2P
users, but the trade server is mostly / generally meant for premium members.

-=Don’t spam the chat=-
Please don’t spam up the chat with your trade requests. Don’t forget that others wish to trade as well.
Spamming up the chat may lead in to a warning or further action if you continue to do it.

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[Mann Co.] Trade Server Jetpack Tutorial

This guide shows you how to use the server Jetpack properly!

If you got here by using !+jetpack or !-jetpack in CHAT then FOLLOW THE
INSTRUCTIONS BELOW! It’ll teach you how to bind the jetpack to a key on your keyboard!

Once you bound the jetpack key, you can use it to enable/disable the jetpack ingame.

First things first, Press ESC on your keyboard and press the “OPTIONS” button:

After that, click the “Advanced” button, like the example below:

From there, “enable developer console” make sure there’s it’s enabled.

When you’ve done that, close down the menu and go back in-game.

And as last! Once you’ve pressed ~, you should see the console. From there, type in:

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