[Mann Co] Trade Server Public Commands

These are the commands you can use within our trading servers. Type them in chat in order to use them:

Server Information Commands
!admins or /admins – Shows the list of all the admins.
!scrapbank or /scrapbank – Shows what exactly scrapbanking is and how to do it.

Player Commands
!jetpack or /jetpack – Shows you how to use the jetpack!
!monoculus or /monoculus – All the information about the monoculus. (the eye boss)
!adminrequest or /adminrequest – Want to be an admin?
!rtd – Roll the Dice. Can be used every 120 seconds. A surprise happens!

Special Map Feature Commands:
!raffle or /raffle – Shows information how the server raffle works and how to get there.
!secrets or /secrets – Shows the current map history information.
!history or /history – Shows the current map history information.

—> Some of these commands may not be working yet! So if it doesn’t work, it’s not added yet.

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[Mann Co] Scrap Banking – What is it?

What is scrap banking?
Let’s say, you found a sandvich & a jag. You may already have these 2 weapons, or your just desperate
for a scrap, but wait, you can’t craft these 2 items into a scrap can you? They are 2 weapons from 2
different classes, and that is where a scrap banker saves the day. The scrap bankers role is to pretty
much take those 2 weapons & give you a scrap in return. Equal Trading.

How can I scrap bank myself?
Well, you will obvious need a scrap, or maybe more. Join a trade server, and type something such as :
Scrap Banking (x Scrap Left!) where x = amount of scrap you have, but you do not need to include that.
Once you have typed that in, use CTRL + A and then use CTRL + C, then CTRL + V to paste it. Paste this
every maybe 30 seconds or every minute. But another way would be to bind something you would like to say
to a key.

How do I bind that then?
You will need the developer’s console, which can be enabled by going to:

Options > Advanced in the KEYBOARD TAB > And check the ‘Enable Developer’s Console’

Click ‘OK’ then ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’.

I’ve done that, now how do I use it?
Well, you need to press the : ` or ~ button on your keyboard, which is under the ESC, above the TAB and
next to the 1 (some keyboards maybe be different) Once you open it type this command bind “o” “say Scrap
Banking!!” whereas “o” will be the key you can press to say what you want to say.

How can I make profit out of this?
Well, you can make quite a lot of metal if you are PATIENT.

Let me say, I have 1 scrap, and I scrap banked, so I now have 2 weapons (Remember to check if they are
CRAFTABLE). Out of those 2 weapons, I am able to sell 1 of those weapons for ATLEAST a piece of scrap.
If I sold both of the weapons I got from the FIRST scrap, I will get TWO SCRAP (or maybe you sold 1 or 2
of those weapons for MORE than a scrap)

You now see ‘I just got 2 scrap from 1 scrap’ Now you may wonder

‘What the heck do I do now?’

Well from here, you can scrap bank AGAIN and repeat the process and keep going on and on. BUT maybe if you
get a weapon from scrap banking, and you have the same weapon in your backpack already, you can craft those
2 weapons together to get a scrap, but I WOULDN’T recommend it. But moving onto the topic, I have 2 scrap
right now, then I scrap banked with both of those scrap and now I have 4 weapons. Now you can sell each of
those weapons for at least a scrap each. Now if you sold those 4 weapons, you will have at least 4 scrap.
Now you can scrap bank AGAIN, and keep repeating this process, or maybe you would like to buy something
you’ve really wanted, or maybe you see something go for a low price.

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[Mann Co.] TF2Lottery.com Trade Server

Here’s our official [Mann Co.] Trade Server with special map features:

The server IP is:

Using the modified Trade Stockmarket Beta map, creating our own special design. The map is still in beta, and many things will still be added, changes and improved. You can see a small preview of the map with the images below.

The trade server contains:

All 3 Bosses
– Monoculus Arena
– Merasmus Arena
– Horseless Headless Horsemann Boss

– Pool + Puzzles included!
– More to come.

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[Mann co] Trade Server Administrators

These are the current server administrators. For any complaints, feel free to make a post on http://forum.tf2lottery.com

Root Administrator
Steamprofile badge by Steamprofile.com

Senior Administrator
Steamprofile badge by Steamprofile.com

Steamprofile badge by Steamprofile.com

Normal Server Administrators
Yet to be added

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Website being re-done

I’m currently working on re-doing a little bit of the website. Don’t be afraid if things have changed!

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[Mann co] Server Raffle Tutorial

Want to join a raffle once it’s starting? Then read on!

Once the lottery is over, you’ll die and you’ll spawn back in the mansion. But have no fear, once another lottery starts, you are welcome to choose any new number you like.

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How to claim an item!

The winners has been announced!

Go to: http://tf2r.com/ke9x8w.html

Scroll down and search your name on the list to see if you have won something! You’ll also get notified about it at the top right in red. (notifications)

Won something? Then make a new thread within the following section:


You have 1 week to claim your item! At least, create a thread about it!

Be sure to read: http://forum.tf2lottery.com/claim-item/claim-your-winning-item-rules-read-t98.html

If things are unclear for you, you are welcome to contact me with your questions, comments, complaints, etc.

I wish you good luck.

Best regards,
Skyrider (TF2Lottery.com)

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[Mann.co] Free Community Lottery #1

Hello everyone!

And welcome (yet again) to the first (but actually tenth) Free Community Lottery!

The invite links needs to be manually send! You’ll get your invite, don’t worry!

Before we continue, I’d like to thank the following people first:

Admiral Mudkip |42A|, Demopan, Scizor, Liquid Quinn, Digits, Maruhai, Edge, Jerrygamer, IcePho3nix, Respectful Rat, TEhMAn92, Timotmcc, sheLby, 3ALOOI_BIG-BOSS, Erin, Pako, Potato Forever, TylerRVG, Kasper, Tomo Takino, Maj. McMuffin, Freeman27, Beer, [FW] Scarabix, ayeeyahhh, Miguel.

Without these people, this lottery wouldn’t be as fast as possible! And I’m really grateful for that. You can view what they have donated within the Donation Section on the official TF2Lottery Forums.

Before we are going to start with the lottery, I’d like to mention a few things.

To be able to join this lottery, registering on the official TF2Lottery.com forums is not needed nor required. I’ll accept all the participation on the forums where I post this lottery. However! Once the lottery ends and you have won an item, It’s required to register and to post within the Item Claim section. Why? So I can keep track of all the winners and who has received an item. I’d like you to know this before you’ll join this lottery. If you have no issues or problems with that, read on!

Now, for the lottery rules which by the way, is quite important. Putting this on top so everyone reads it.

[Free to Play Users]
I’m afraid I have to disappoint the Free to Player users for this lottery. Only premium users are allowed to join. I’m sorry for this, but it will just cost me too much time to separate the F2P and Premium winning items. I think you’ll have better luck in the second lottery!

[SteamREP Tagged Scammers]
For obvious reasons, all people who have been SteamREP tagged as a scammer will not be able to claim any item. However, those who have been tagged as Caution can.

[Playtime requirements]
Everyone who wishes to join needs to have at least a play time of 24 hours. I’m sure you can manage, right?


[How to join the lottery]

There are 2 ways to join the lottery. The first one is through the official TF2Lottery forums. Simple register on the Forums and reply within the following thread that you wish to join.


The second one is through the Official Steam Forums. If you already have an account there, you can also reply within the following thread:


But please, don’t join twice! Just once is enough.

[Extra Rules]
Rules “may” change at any time. Upon joining this lottery, you agree on this. Remember, if I suspect anyone cheating, you’ll be disqualified from the lottery.

Onwards to the lottery!

For the first time ever, I’m adding an unusual item from my own backpack!

Unusual Hard Counter

Effect: Searing Plasma

And thanks to all the donators! Many, many other items can be won as well!

From 1 genuine and 3 vintage hats:

To many, many other hats!

Do you rather have some fancy stranges? We got those as well!

But hey. You could be just that person who likes Vintage Weapons as well. Fancy one?

And those vintage weapons image only shows 35 items, while in truth there are 71!
And I’d really like to thank Admiral Mudkip |42A| for donating so many vintage weapons!

And if that’s not enough, here’s some duel-mini games and some paint!

With so many items being within the lottery (with big thanks to the donators!) there has to be quite a large chance for you to win something! I’d say.. Good luck to all!

Any problems? Questions? Reply or email me at [email protected]

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Possible unusual in Lottery #1 & Donor Features

Hey everyone,

First I’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far. (You can click here to see who has donated!). For the next lottery, I also plan to add an unusual for someone to win! Which unusual it will be, I still have to see. However, whenever I’ll be adding an unusual to the lottery all depends on you guys.

Currently, 17 people have donated which I really appreciate! And I would even appreciate it more if more people would donate. The more people who would donate, the bigger the next lottery will be! And, I’ll be making your donation worthwhile as well!

How? That’s easy!

All those who donate (and have registered on the forums) will be set in a special donation group. The group is called:


All donations are very appreciated!

What does this mean? It means that donors will receive their very own donation raffle which is only for all people who have donated! Seeing there won’t be hundreds of people joining, you (if you have donated) will have a bigger chance in winning an item. These donor only lotteries could be refined, hats or even earbuds!

Why I am doing this?

This way, people who donate will in the end, get something back as well. It does sound fair, doesn’t it?

Wish to donate? Make a thread in the Donation Section on the official TF2Lottery.com forums

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[Mann.co] Free Lottery #1 – Community Donation Lottery

Hey everyone,

First, I wish to apologize for the cancellation of the previous first lottery. Real life things came up, so I had no choice. To start up another lottery again, I am in need of your help. I currently lack the items to create a new lottery and I was hoping you could help me out.

The more donations I receive, the bigger the next lottery can be. The donations can be weapons, scraps, reclaimed, refined and even hats. But please, no crates. While I do appreciate if you’d wish to donate crates, I already have enough of those. However, crate #30 is highly welcome.

I also can’t always be around, so I highly encourage and recommend everyone to register on the Official Lottery Forums and make a thread in the Donation Section. This way, I can easily add you. The forum is new and still needs some improvement, but it’s a good start to begin with.

A kind reminder that at the registration page your steam information is required (Either your SteamID64 or CustomURL). If you need help with this, This Thread will help you out.

I thank everyone in advance. If you have any problems, you can email me at [email protected]

Best regards,

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